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Today, I finally managed to complete my protocols for a science experiment I've been working on. It was so much work, and I never thought I'd get it done. MLIG
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[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 3Bad: 07 years ago
The stories on here make we want to be nice to OPs. Awh.<3
[ - ]  _OHHI_Good: 0Bad: 07 years ago
It's super weird being nice to them.
[ - ]  GREATGood: 3Bad: 37 years ago
Nice job! I'll bet you'll get an A on it.
[ - ]  APretzGood: 3Bad: 07 years ago
Hard work pays off.
[ - ]  The_ToiletGood: 0Bad: 07 years ago
Ha, you said hard!
[ - ]  typer2131Good: 0Bad: 07 years ago
Congratulations! :D It feels good when you actually get work done.
Yay work.
[ - ]  JackFreakingSparrowGood: 6Bad: 07 years ago
Congratulation for not being a procrastinator and actually getting something important done!

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