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Today, I spoke to my cousin. She has finally gotten a diagnosis for an illness that has overcome her for three years. She's started treatment, and she will be able to come home to celebrate Christmas with us. I could cry with happiness, her life and MLIG.
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[ - ]  APretzGood: 0Bad: 07 years ago
Tears of joy are lovely.
[ - ]  GrenGood: 6Bad: 07 years ago
This site is making me way too optimistic. I dun like it.
[ - ]  typer2131Good: 0Bad: 07 years ago
[ - ]  GrenGood: 0Bad: 07 years ago
Yay Christmas with family!
[ - ]  JackFreakingSparrowGood: 3Bad: 07 years ago
Yay Christmas anyway!
So much yay. It's all so fluffy.
[ - ]  JackFreakingSparrowGood: 0Bad: 07 years ago
Everything is so sweet.
And blue.
[ - ]  JackFreakingSparrowGood: 0Bad: 07 years ago
[ - ]  WhyIsEveryNameTakenGood: 0Bad: 07 years ago
Yayyy new posts.
[ - ]  SomeDouchebagGood: 0Bad: 07 years ago
So no hard feelings about the whole name stealing thing, right?
[ - ]  typer2131Good: 12Bad: 07 years ago
[ - ]  APretzGood: 0Bad: 37 years ago
Look, ass.hole, your life is pathetic. If your even think that by stealing people's names is cool or makes you the bigger person, it doesn't. Do us all a favor and grow up.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 07 years ago
That's not cool, yo.
[ - ]  AbnormalPretzelGood: 0Bad: 07 years ago
LOL and look it at that. Mek deleted YOUR version of my name, and LOOK who got it back. Nice try. Sorry, you lose.
Uhm, guys? I think this person is making fun of the person who actually stole the names...
[ - ]  iStabberGood: 0Bad: 37 years ago
Pre-gooded ... I feel powerful here.
Good for her, for real. I'm jealous, actually. This will be my first Christmas away from home.
[ - ]  glitterupmyassGood: 18Bad: 07 years ago
This post reminds me of GMH.

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