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Today, I got a small raise at work. MLIG
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[ - ]  PiggyGood: 6Bad: 07 years ago
Hooray for Huckle. :D
[ - ]  xoXdancerXoxGood: 3Bad: 07 years ago
Good for you!
[ - ]  xoXdancerXoxGood: 3Bad: 07 years ago
I hope the OPs read the comments because everyone is being so nice.
I know, WUNDABAR. It makes me feel fluffy and normal and yay happy. And that's why I don't go near submissions in case 'cos that could make me not yay and boo. Hi.
And plus blue.
So it's a bit like a family with two children with large age differences. MLIG being the innocent Grade A twelve year old, and MLIA being the weed smoking college flunking twenty year old. And the parents screaming, 'WHY CAN'T YOU BE MORE LIKE MLIG?'.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 3Bad: 07 years ago
Yay money!
[ - ]  Lovely_Little_HaterGood: 3Bad: 07 years ago
Good for you! :)
[ - ]  Lord_RevanGood: 3Bad: 07 years ago
I need a raise.
[ - ]  iStabberGood: 3Bad: 07 years ago
I am midly envious.
[ - ]  JackFreakingSparrowGood: 3Bad: 07 years ago
It's so nice and cozy here.
[ - ]  APretzGood: 6Bad: 07 years ago
It's funny because this is a tiny post, but that's what makes it so wonderful.

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