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Today, I recieved an acceptance letter in the mail from the college I wanted to go to. MLIG
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[ - ]  xoXdancerXoxGood: 6Bad: 07 years ago
[ - ]  xoXdancerXoxGood: 6Bad: 07 years ago
I really don't know what to say, these posts are just so happy.
[ - ]  typer2131Good: 6Bad: 07 years ago
I was just going to go with "yay" too, but my comment felt so empty. .-.
[ - ]  xoXdancerXoxGood: 0Bad: 07 years ago
It feels so strange.
[ - ]  typer2131Good: 0Bad: 07 years ago
Yeah. And the blue is like, a really soft and fuzzy color. It's just a really happy site.
[ - ]  typer2131Good: 0Bad: 07 years ago
Yay! Haha, see, only the good stories are going through.
Yay! Not a single reference to Hogwarts... It's amazing. :'D
[ - ]  typer2131Good: 0Bad: 07 years ago
'tis. :) *pokes pedz back* THERE.
Hehehehehhehe *pokes again*
[ - ]  typer2131Good: 0Bad: 07 years ago
Mwahaha. *pokes back again*
[ - ]  typer2131Good: 0Bad: 07 years ago
NO. D: DON'T DO THAT. *pokes bloody pedz guts*
[ - ]  GrenGood: 0Bad: 07 years ago
Did it die?
Heh. Average word of the day is restored. Mek is a clever person.
[ - ]  iStabberGood: 0Bad: 07 years ago
Congrats. Although, honestly, I would suggest cheaper community colleges for the first two years ... unless you have a scholarship.
[ - ]  CowieGood: 0Bad: 07 years ago
Wait. Isn't this Pretz? She was talking about it like, yesterday or something. :o
[ - ]  APretzGood: 0Bad: 07 years ago
I didn't write it, honestly.
[ - ]  APretzGood: 0Bad: 07 years ago
No way, me too! Lololol
[ - ]  FaitAccompliGood: 0Bad: 07 years ago
Yay! :D

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