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For years, I felt depressed. I had a very uptight, humorless, and ugly personality, and all my classmates hated me, and some bullied me. My parents bullied me, too. I tried to change, to become more likable, but nothing worked. I accepted that nobody would ever like me. Ever. I lost the will to live. High school started, and I wanted to better myself more than ever. I met this girl who saw something different in me. Something I couldn't see myself. A good person. She started to change me. I became more lay-back, and developed a sense of humor; I could suddenly make people laugh, and I loved it! A year later, she asked me to the school homecoming dance. I realized at that moment that I loved her, but I wasn't brave enough to tell her. My parents didn't let me go to the dance, which was a bit of a blow to me. I waited and waited for a chance to ask her out, but I never got the guts to tell her how I felt. A year later, she finally became my girlfriend, and I found out that she wanted me to be her boyfriend for a year and a half, and I never knew! I never thought she would feel that way! Today we celebrated our four-month anniversary, and I couldn't be happier to have someone like her in my life; someone who loves and supports me for who I am. My parents still don't treat me well, but I decided that they don't bother me anymore. Thanks to my girlfriend, I have enough confidence in myself to know that what they say about me is wrong, and now I know that no matter what happens, MLIG.
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