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I've been in the friends zone with this girl for 8 months. I recently told her I had feelings for her. She said she feels the same way. MLIG
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Today, I finally managed to complete my protocols for a science experiment I've been working on. It was so much work, and I never thought I'd get it done. MLIG
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Today, I spoke to my cousin. She has finally gotten a diagnosis for an illness that has overcome her for three years. She's started treatment, and she will be able to come home to celebrate Christmas with us. I could cry with happiness, her life and MLIG.
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Today, I got a small raise at work. MLIG
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Today, my best friend's boyfriend is making a video to propose to her. I helped him out over Thanksgiving break. When I'm having a rough time (and I have a lot to worry about right now), I think about how her corresponding circumstances are so much worse than mine, but she has found true love and happiness. I think about the fact that she's getting engaged, and she has no idea it's coming so soon, and it cheers me up every time. Her success makes me so happy, so MLIG.
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Today, I recieved an acceptance letter in the mail from the college I wanted to go to. MLIG
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Today, my school district finally took me seriously and is starting to put my anti-bullying curriculum into action. MLIG.
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Finally finished school, for the last time. MLIG
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Two and half years ago I dropped out of University to focus on running MyLifeIsAverage and MyLifeIsG and I've been having the time of my life. It would have never been possible without the support of my parents and both the MLIA and MLIG communities. MLIG.
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