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My mom's a single parent and has a stressful job, she comes home around 10:30 every night and I don't see her much. I have been bullied since 5th grade, and I'm now a freshman and never feel beautiful. On Homecoming day my mom and I finally got some bonding time while she was helping me do my hair and makeup and with the help and love from her, I finally felt beautiful and smiled all night! MLIG
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My mom and dad used to smoke and drink a lot. They're both taking giant steps to increase their quality of life. MLIG
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Today, I auditioned for a state level honor band called Mid-State. I was up against 130 other really good clarinetists. I'm from a really small country town, and I have never had a clarinet lesson in my life.... & I MADE IT!! I was the only kid from my school to make it, and one of three from my county to be accepted. MLIG
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Today, I got ten hours of sleep, and had a nice nap later. I feel refreshed and ready for Monday. MLIG
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Last week I received a phone call from the company that I've been trying to get into for almost a year. They want to offer my the job! It will be my first position that isn't minimum wage, MLIG.
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Today, after sixteen years of having everybody tell me that I'm stupid, I told a theory I have to the boy I like, and he told me that I must be very insightful to think of it, and that scientists have wondered that for many years now. I no longer believe that I am stupid. MLIG
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Right now I'm sitting up in bed watching my partner sleep. I can honestly say this man has made me feel beautiful and happy, 2 things I never thought I could be. MLIG :)
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Today, I slept in, woke up to bacon and eggs, had a peaceful day and had my favourite dinner, before going to bed smiling. It was a good day. MLIG.
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A weeks ago, a girl who I was sure hated me for almost two years said hi to me in class. When I got home today there was a friend request from her on facebook. I clicked accept, and almost immediately she posted "I am so sorry, honest." on my wall. I almost cried. MLIG :)
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Today my spanish grade went from an F to a B-. MLIG
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