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Today, I talked to the guy I like. We've been friends for a few years, and I don't expect anything to happen soon. But he called out my name as I walked past to ask me about the biology test, and that simple two second conversation made my day. :) MLIG.
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Today, a guy I've had a crush told me he liked me. :) MLIG
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I have struggled with an impulse control disorder called Trichotillomania for years. I kept it a secret until this week. I told my closest friends and they promised to help me overcome it. MLIG
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Today, it finally sunk in that the guy I've been hung up on for years will never feel the same way about me. With this newfound insight, I refuse to spend another minute caring about someone who could care less about me. Epiphanies feel so good, and for this reason, MLIG!
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Today I uploaded a video to Facebook. It was a song I wrote and sang and played on my ukulele, and I was SO scared and embarrassed at first. But I conquered that fear, and I'm feelin' GREAT! :)
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Today I spend 3 hours in the sunshine and realized I am strong enough to tackle all the obstacles in my way.
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Today I found out that my crush of a year and a half likes me and is planning on asking me out! MLI FREAKING FANTASTIC
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Today I put my ipod through the washer. I wanted a new one and conveniently found a wallet with 300 dollars in it. I returned it :) T(heir)LIG
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Today I had my first kiss. MLIG
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Today I was talking to my crush and we somehow got on the topic of kissing. I jokingly told him that most people don't kiss until the second date. He then proceeded to ask me if I wanted to go on two dates. Now I can't stop smiling:-) MLIG
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