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I was in in the cast of my school musical this year and last night was our last performance. The cast welcomed me and included me right away and they feel like a family to me now. When I'm with this group of kids, I just feel so much love in my heart and I feel so happy to be alive and to be where I am with the people I'm with. Being with the seniors whom I love so much reminds me not to take anything for granted and to enjoy every last minute of high school because this is one of the best times in my life, and it's the only chance I'm gonna get to live it. I started crying multiple times today after the show had ended, just because I was so happy and because I'm gonna miss this cast so much. I love these kids. And I feel so lucky to have been a part of this show and gotten to work with this wonderful group of people. I'm loving high school and my life is perfect. I am grateful for so much and for so many people and I am healthy, happy, and blessed every day with wonderful opportunities. MLIG!
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Today, I woke up and smiled. MLIG :)
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Today, I walked for the first time in three months on my new prosthetic leg. MLIN.
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Today my friend asked the guy I liked who he thinks is pretty. He listed some girls' names, but he didn't say mine. My friend asked him why he doesn't think I'm pretty. His reply? "Because I think she's beautiful." MLIG
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To day the bully at school voluntarily apologized to everybody! MLIG!
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Today, I told my abuser to never contact me again.
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I finally worked up the courage to ask the girl at the flower shop out. She said yes. We had a great night, going to eat, seeing a movie, getting to know one another. The next day I went to her house to hang out for a while we ended up waking up on her couch in each other's arms. MLIG
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Today I was sad and bawling in my apartment, and the girl who lives on the floor below knocked on my door with a cup of tea and a Godiva chocolate and said she hoped I would feel better. I didn't even know her. MLIA.
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Last week I adopted a 16 year old girl. This girl has been though a LOT of horrible things and never had anyone who cared about her. We spend a little while getting to know one another and bonded right away. I went into this just looking to help out a sweet kid, not to adopt but she needs me. Today she turns 17 and having her in my life and knowing that I am giving her a chance at a future makes me know My Life is G.
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Today, I found MyLifeIsG. MLIG
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